FIVE AM is an interior design firm based in Kuwait specializing in retail/commercial spaces + construction services. The firm’s skill base includes interior architecture, project management and project supervision. Our firm has been working with a diverse set of clients developing and implementing concepts that compliment and accentuate our clients’ vision. We aim to infuse the design scene in Kuwait with a measure of originality, a focus on function and a hands-on approach to every project. The ethos of FIVE AM is a commitment to design excellence and sound execution. Ultimately, the firm seeks to ensure that the client receives a positive and seamless experience.


FIVE AM embraces a minimalist approach to design. The main focus is always on architecture. This attitude underpins each and every project it undertakes. Though the firm is consistent in its design approach, it does not have a repeated formula or style to its work. Each project provokes a new set of ideas, investigations and solutions.
In its approach, FIVE AM strives to reinterpret local aesthetics and cultural sensibilities in a contemporary manner. The success of the firm has been its ability to fuse the two different design approaches of the East and West and recast them in modern settings.


Interior Design 2D/3D
Interior design drawings
Furniture Design & Selection


Constriction Supervision
Construction Drawings & Plan


Tamem Tower, 11th Floor
Ahmad Al-Jaber st, Kuwait City


E-mail: info@fiveamkw.com
Telephone:  +965 95541242 – 55287681

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